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Highlights From the Las Vegas Women’s Shows

LAS VEGAS — Move fast or get swallowed by the competition.
The Vegas trade shows continue to serve as the industry’s mirror, showing the continued increase in pace at which manufacturers and buyers are being tasked to keep their assortments fresh. Many of the same business trends noted the past several seasons continue to persist: competition has only gotten fiercer, more and more brands are showing immediates with Vegas reflecting a mix of spring and fall inventory and young contemporary’s maturation beyond simply “juniors.” Meanwhile, many buyers rejoiced the move in August to unify WWDMagic, Project and their sister trade shows under one roof at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
Edgar Reyes, brand director for the Los Angeles labels English Factory and Endless Rose, trailed off mid-sentence as he was walking through the two lines showing at WWDMagic as he apologized, “Sorry, I’m just looking out because I’m trying to catch the girls that want to come in here and take pictures.”
Copying, to be clear, is not something new. It just persists.
“It’s a big deal for me because they’re from the lower price points and they’re actually affecting our businesses,” he said. “In order for them to produce, they have to manufacture at

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