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Brands Keep Making These Mistakes When Looking at Customer Data

Retail operations are increasingly performed through digital platforms, giving companies access to more data points than ever before. Yet many businesses are still falling into the same traps and failing to extract the real value of the data in order to forge strong customer relationships. They know what the customer is doing, but do they know why? And are they using that information to shape their strategy?
“For many brands, data and analytics are handled by a small number of analysts, which means many of the people whose job it is to improve the user experience are in the dark about how and why visitors behave the way they do,” said Jonathan Cherki, CEO and founder of digital experience insights platform ContentSquare.
Providing employees with appropriate data could look like sharing a detailed profile of a consumer, with their birthday and preferences, in order to power marketing efforts. Or it could just mean knowing that an anonymous user has visited the site multiple times and consistently searched for a particular item. In the latter scenario, a brand can use this customer behavior to help inform recommendations on the platform and potentially convert that anonymous user into a claimed profile.
While there has been

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