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Ones to Watch: Milan Fashion Week Fall 2019

1910 Borbonese
Italian label Borbonese, which was established in 1910 and rose to a peak of success in the Seventies, is launching during Milan Fashion Week a new line, called 1910 Borbonese.
“Fashion is not only about style anymore, but it’s about a language and to reach the right audience we have to talk to them through their own world, engaging them and involving them in the changing process, transmitting our values through a new communication and product vocabulary,” said Borbonese chief executive officer Alessandro Pescara, who tapped M1992 creative director Dorian Tarantini and Matteo Mena, also part of M1992’s creative team, to design the brand’s first collection.
“The choice of Dorian and Matteo is the result of a careful analysis of the strategic direction, which I intend to give to the company,” Pescara explained. “The main goal will be to reach a new consumer audience expanding Borbonese’s traditional one with a focus on Millennials, which means that part of the global population with the biggest purchasing power in the immediate future.”
Under the new 1910 Borbonese 1910, Tarantini and Mena will present a limited-edition capsule collection infused with their signature subcultural sensibility and passion for the Eighties.
In keeping with the Borbonese brand’s heritage,

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