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New order: the best young designers to look out for this season

By Words Scarlett Conlon, Leah Harper and Morwenna Ferrier, styling Melanie Wilkinson, photographs David Newby

What label has everyone talking with its inflatable toy-inspired clothes? And which designer is making pearls a thing for spring? This season, we have the answers

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Generally, when fashion editors are prepared to get wet to watch a show, buzz status is bestowed. This happened on the rainy roof of Seward Park high school on the Lower East Side last September, with New York-based Area, a brand on the radar of style magazines since it was founded in 2016. This collection saw it continue on a journey through pop culture. Set to the sensual melodies of Estonian soul artist Velly Joonas, remixed by the Late Night Tales collective, designers Piotrek Panszczyk and Beckett Fogg captivated the audience with a collection that felt fresh yet grounded, powerful yet playful. Inspired by little-known Czech artist Libuše Niklová, the pioneer of inflatable children’s toys in the 60s, it was sculptural, sexy and textured. “[Her] bold, graphics and colourful blown-up shapes started our journey in playing with volume and we began cutting our patterns to mimic inflation,” Panszczyk says, hence the “inflated folklore dolls reimagined in sheer organza with regal embellishments that evoke early 60s couture”. The beaded lattice overlays and boots with swinging beads – inspired by both Polish folk costumes and the mass-market trinket trade in China – created what the designers like to call “a modern clash of embellishment”. One worth waiting in the rain for. SC

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/feb/20/new-order-the-best-young-designers-to-look-out-for-this-season