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Jeremy Corbyn To Tell EU Leaders Parliament Will Not Allow No-Deal Brexit

By Kate Forrester

Jeremy Corbyn will travel to Brussels on Thursday.

Jeremy Corbyn is heading for talks in Brussels in a bid to try to break the Brexit deadlock.

Ahead of the discussions with EU figures, the Labour leader called on Prime Minister Theresa May to abandon her Brexit “red lines” to secure a workable deal.

Corbyn said he would use the meetings with EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and others on Thursday to stress that a no-deal Brexit does not command a majority in parliament.

The Labour leader said: “The Conservative government is running down the clock in an attempt to blackmail parliament into accepting Theresa May’s bad deal over a chaotic no deal.

“We are saying loud and clear that there is no majority for no-deal, and Labour will be working with politicians across the house to prevent a no-deal outcome which would be so damaging to our economy and communities. Labour respects the result of the referendum, but we do not support the prime minister’s damaging approach, which is focused more on appeasing factions of her party than finding a sensible solution that works for the whole country.

“With just 37 days until Brexit, Theresa May must accept that her historic defeats in parliament and complete failure to reach a new deal mean her approach has failed. She should abandon her damaging red lines and finally work with Labour to reach a deal which works for our country.”

Corbyn will be joined in Brussels by shadow Brexit secretary Keir Starmer, shadow attorney general Shami Chakrabarti and shadow business secretary Rebecca Long Bailey.

It comes following a meeting between Theresa May and European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on Wednesday, after which the pair said they are “seized of the tight timescale” facing them after holding “constructive” talks.

The PM had travelled to Brussels to seek legal assurances on the Northern Ireland Brexit backstop she believes are needed to secure parliamentary approval for her deal.

A joint statement issued after the meeting said: “The two leaders agreed that talks had been constructive and they urged their respective teams to continue to explore the options in a positive spirit.

“They will review progress again in the coming days, seized of the tight timescale and the historic significance of setting the EU and the UK on a path to a deep and unique future partnership.”

The statement said discussions had looked at “which guarantees could be given with regard to the backstop that underline once again its temporary nature and give the appropriate legal assurance to both sides”.

Talks also covered “the role alternative arrangements could play in replacing the backstop in future”.

The statement added: “Both reconfirmed their commitment to avoiding a hard border on the island of Ireland and to respect the integrity of the EU’s internal market and of the United Kingdom.”

The PM and Juncker agreed to talk again before the end of the month.

After the meeting, May said: “I have underlined the need for us to see legally binding changes to the backstop that ensure that it cannot be indefinite.

“That’s what is required if a deal is to pass the House of Commons.

“We have agreed that work to find a solution will continue at pace.

“Time is of the essence and it is in both our interests that when the UK leaves the EU it does so in an orderly way.

“So, we have made progress.”

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/jeremy-corbyn-tells-eu-leaders-parliament-will-not-allow-no-deal-brexit_uk_5c6dc21ae4b0e37a1ed46acc