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Glenn Close, Ruth Carter of ‘Black Panther’ Honored at 2019 Costume Designers Guild Awards

As a working actress for 45 years, Glenn Close knows a thing or two about the significance of costumes and the roles they play in building a character — so much so that she has saved almost every costume she’s worn — roughly 800 pieces — and donated her collection to Indiana University, where they’re being preserved in an archival facility.
“It will be used for educational purposes and they can use it for display and if anybody wants to dip in and borrow, that would be possible as well,” Close told WWD on the red carpet at the 21st Costume Designers Guild Award at the Beverly Hilton on Tuesday night. “It really represents my whole career. And I’m still adding to it.”
Given Close’s deep appreciation for the artistry, it’s no wonder she nabbed the Spotlight Award; “The Shield” costar Michael Chiklis and “Fatal Attraction” costume designer Ellen Mirojnick delivered the honor to her.
During her speech, “The Wife” actress paid a special tribute to the late Barbara Matera, recalling how the designer was an influential figure in her life after spending hours in her atelier. “For my very first movie [“The World According to Garp”], it was at Barbara’s that Jenny

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