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Black History Month Spotlight: Athletic-Industry Marketing Powerhouse Adrienne Lofton

In honor of Black History Month 2019, FN is celebrating African-American movers and shakers in footwear and fashion by recognizing their accomplishments and inviting them to share insight into how the industry can make bigger diversity strides.
One might assume that Adrienne Lofton, a lifelong athlete with a passion for sports, was destined for a career in the athletic industry.
Perhaps the incoming Nike executive, who spent nine combined years at Under Armour in top marketing roles before nabbing her new gig at the Swoosh, was preordained to become a star in the sector. But it would be far from accurate to believe her success was happenstance.
“I broke into the industry by being very calculated in my approach — creating a plan of action and executing the plan,” Lofton said. “I realized early that applying to internships within the top sports brands without having deeper connections would prove difficult. So instead of continuing down that path, I foraged a different approach.”
Lofton pursued positions at Fortune 500 companies in a range of dominant industries “to develop and sharpen my skillset in order to become a valuable asset to the sports industry.”
It wasn’t long before her methodical tactics and solid track record would land her an access

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