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8 Handy Boot Trays to Prevent Muddy Messes and Dirt in Your Home

Winter brings with it some of the messiest months of the year. Downpours and snowstorms can leave you trekking home with wet, muddy and salt-stained soles, making it especially hard to keep floors pristine once you enter the door.
Thankfully, though, there’s an easy solution to your grimy-boot woes. Enter boot trays. These handy contraptions, which feature a protective lip around the rim, can be placed in your front entry or near the back door to store boots and keep weather-related dirt contained. They can even do double duty as litter box trays to catch cat litter and prevent pebbles from spreading. They’re also typically made of rubber or metal, requiring only a quick wash or wipe-down to get them clean.
For your convenience, we’ve rounded up a range of sturdy boot trays in all sizes. Whether you’re looking for a heavy-duty option for your mudroom or more compact style to accommodate a smaller space, there’s an option here for you. We’ve even picked both utilitarian and more ornate looks if you’re in the market for a slightly elevated aesthetic. On top of all that, many of them are top-rated (with hundreds of four- and five-star reviews), so you can feel particularly

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