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Lagerfeld Talks With WWD: Through the Years

The late Karl Lagerfeld had a long-standing relationship with this publication. Here, some memorable quotes.
“I don’t like retrospectives, but the Twenties and Thirties were the last epoch near to us when things were still well made…when there was quality.”
“I like it when people say I am French, but it would be presumptuous for me to say that I am.”
“Overdressing is the greatest mistake. I design layers of clothes so that a woman can handle climate changes gracefully, so that she can add or subtract pieces depending on her whim or the weather, so that she can change her look without changing her entire outfit. My basic premise is to make fashion easier for a woman. Because a woman, especially one who is active and involved and for whom I especially enjoy designing, has to live with her clothes just as easily as she lives with her skin.”
“My life is based on fantasy. I don’t ask myself questions about what I do or what I am. I go by instinct. I follow my feelings.”
“I hate too skinny. My dresses are not for very, very skinny people. There has to be a very feminine shape under them.”
“I never fall in love. I

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