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Is The Secret To Being A Proper Adult Actually How Many Towels We Own?

By Sophie Gallagher

When you think about life’s big questions, you might contemplate life after death or the existence of God – but it turns out the thing we need to spend more time discussing is towels.

That’s right: bath towels, hand towels, face towels – the rugs of varying shapes and sizes that we use to dry our bodies. How many towels are too many towels to own? And can you claim to be a proper adult if you don’t know the answer?

One man, Abdul, posed the question to his Twitter followers and the responses are quite the ride.

hello fellow adults. my gf and i have a question… what is the correct amount of towels to own? i said 10 and she looked at me like i was crazy. we have zero frame of reference on the appropriate amount of towels in a household of two.

— abdul (@Advil)
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