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Designers Convert Bespoke Designs Into Direct-to-Consumer Fashion at Matches

BE MINE: Matchesfashion.com held an evening of Champagne and cocktails at 5 Carlos Place to mark its Innovators Initiative that saw three emerging designers translate their bespoke designs to direct-to–consumer pieces during London Fashion Week.
Designs by Central Saint Martins student Harris Reed and designers Francis de Lara and Marta Ferri were available for purchase via QR codes.
Reed has already racked up an impressive clientele that includes Harry Styles, Ezra Miller and Solange Knowles for his mixture of rock ‘n’ roll and Edwardian aesthetics, with billowing sleeves, exaggerated cuffs and blouses with silver sequin embellishment.
His pussy-bow metallic blouse and wide-brim sequin hat, both priced at 795 pounds, had sold out by Saturday night.
For Harris, this capsule collection marked the start of a new journey. “This is just a teaser to the world, to show them what I can do,” he said.
De Lara, who reinterprets motifs found in Renaissance paintings into bespoke eyewear, has also commanded a market niche.
“I looked at very traditional Renaissance motifs of serpents, ribbons and teardrops, and integrated them into my eyewear. I imagined Lolita as a Medici heiress debutante.” De Lara’s Eve frames, which are crafted in Italy, are adorned with oval-cut emeralds, tourmaline, cognac diamonds, pink sapphires and 18-karat gold cabochons and retail

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