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Never Has The Future For EU Citizens In The UK Been More Uncertain As It Is Now

By Tanja Bueltmann

A little while ago leading Brexiteers were outraged by Donald Tusk’s “special place in hell” tweet. For a split second I felt some sympathy: after all, who wants to be in hell? But it really only was a split second. Because then I realised that hell is exactly the place those leading Brexiteers chose to push EU citizens into time and time again. That really is not an exaggeration. For over 965 days now we have been one of three things – often all three together: bargaining chips; a punching bag; and subjects of hate. All that when, what we really are, are your neighbours, colleagues, friends, lovers and family.

Never has our uncertainty been greater than now. While Brexit poses many serious threats to many people, for EU citizens and our British friends at home in another EU country, these threats are existential. There are people who do not know whether they will have a job in 40 days because of the changes to their rights that Brexit would enable, deal or not.

Yet despite all that, we are being told that all is fine. The
From Today, EU Citizens In The UK Will Be Forced To Pay To Apply To Stay In Our Homes

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  • Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/eu-citizens_uk_5c6a81b8e4b01757c36d3c75