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Exclusive: Dunhill Partners With Mr. Bags for White Day

SHANGHAI — White Day, a.k.a. the male version of Valentine’s Day, has become increasingly popular in China, a country inundated with Eastern and Western commercialized, romantic festivals. Celebrated one month after Valentine’s Day, on March 14, the holiday became popular in Japan, before spreading to other East Asian countries, including China. The concept behind the day is that men are repaid by their loved ones for the effort they put into making Valentine’s Day special.
This year, White Day will be celebrated by British luxury men’s wear brand Dunhill and popular Chinese influencer Mr. Bags with a limited-edition collection of 368 pieces, with the edition number etched inside each bag. The number of pieces was chosen by Tao Liang of Mr. Bags as it is a combination of Chinese lucky numbers, as well as his own personal lucky numbers. This is just one example of the attention to detail paid by the online entrepreneur, whose previous luxury bag collaborations have sold out within minutes. “It’s not like we want to use this number to create something lucky. It’s just that I want everything to be perfect,” said Liang.
Liang’s Chiltern drawstring backpack is his first collaboration to focus on a single man’s

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