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Zilver RTW Fall 2019

Moving through the zodiac, one sign at a time, Zilver explored the sybaritic and hedonistic leanings of Taurus for its sophomore collection for men and women. For this, Brazilian founder and creative director Pedro Lourenço gathered luxurious, heavy-weight shearling, crisp shirting, and lightweight nylon.
One might surmise that this particular Taurean has a propensity for adrenaline sports, indulging in the odd spot of skydiving, motocross, and even cattle wrangling – if those Western rodeo references were anything to go by.
The opening sequence of white, super chubby puffer coats were a nod to the Taurean yen for comfort. They were made from recycled nylon and insulated with used plastic bottles, while white cotton dresses were there to suggest sheets. From the front, one white shirtdress looked like a shirt worn over a turtleneck and tucked into a mini but was in fact one piece with a cutout back.
Equestrian pursuits were referenced in the footwear – boots came in black or white with an attached garter device, while a full flight suit on one girl unzipped all the way to the crotch revealing a prim knit beneath – just one of many examples of the sexual overtones at play.
The cowboy shirt in a

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