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Suit yourself: why men's fashion has smartened up its act

By Max Berlinger

Last season, streetwear reached saturation point. Luckily for menswear, this spring is all about tailoring, on and off the catwalk – and not a fusty old suit in sight

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The streetwear brand Supreme shocked the fashion world last year. No, it wasn’t the red-and-white logo-covered pinball machine, inflatable kayak or even the branded breathalyser it was selling. It was something so innocuous, so unexpected yet quotidian, the virtual opposite of a “shock tactic” in fact. Tucked away among all the hoodies, track pants and baseball caps typical of the much-hyped label, there was – wait for it – a classic two-piece suit. The item more readily associated with commuters and politicians than hoodie-wearing hype beasts had entered new territory.

It sent ripples through the streetwear community. GQ called it the Supreme piece they would most like to buy and, in an unlikely turn of events, suddenly trainer-hungry superfans were salivating over a blazer.

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Via:: https://www.theguardian.com/fashion/2019/feb/17/suit-yourself-why-menswear-finally-smartened-up-its-act