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Mother of Pearl Takes Charge of Sustainability Conversation at London Fashion Week

LONDON — Mother of Pearl creative director Amy Powney wants to see the fashion industry modernize itself, and is taking the lead in a heated industry conversation: Sustainability.
For more than four years she has been working towards making every step of the Mother of Pearl supply chain more sustainable, from ensuring that cotton suppliers do not use pesticides during the farming process, to keeping production local in a bid to reduce a garment’s carbon footprint.
Powney is now ready to start sharing some of her findings with the rest of the industry, starting with a panel discussion to be held Saturday in association with the British Fashion Council, and broadcast by BBC Earth.
“All of the work that we have been doing around sustainability is not just about changing our own brand, it’s about helping or inspiring others to change theirs, too. Mother of Pearl is a drop in the ocean. Our brand alone can’t change the way the industry operates, but if we all come together then we can have a bigger impact,” said Powney.
Her ultimate goal is to achieve a gold standard for production, having taken a “360-degree view” around sustainability.
“When you use the term ‘sustainability,’ I don’t think you

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