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Finding Success Under the Radar in London

LONDON — Meteoric success stories have always abounded in London.
It usually starts with a young designer, fresh out of Central Saint Martins, christened a genius by the media and members of the industry. Said “genius” rises to fame in a hot minute with early-stage financial support, glossy features, celebrity requests and retail interest flooding in.
More often than not, the star fades, the media moves on, the designer doesn’t have the logistical capabilities to keep up with production demands, cash flow becomes a problem and the business folds. Plus, there’s another hot young thing to be hyped.
It has been the arc of British fashion for decades — boom, then bust. But not all success stories have ended with a flameout — or a big creative director’s job at Kering or LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton. Indeed, there are designers in London who have persisted both on the business and creative ends, and chosen to pursue gradual growth, even if they’re not at the center of the industry buzz.
As London Fashion Week begins today — amid immense political and economic uncertainty over Brexit — this season is, in a way, about just getting on with it and surviving in that typically British stiff-upper-lipped

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