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David Bailey Gets Surreal, and Real, in London

LONDON — Gagosian Gallery in Mayfair may be looking back at the Sixties through the eyes of David Bailey, but the 81-year-old photographer’s attention has already shifted to a different place — the future — and with a Leica, rather than a mobile device, in hand.
Unlike his contemporary David Hockey, whose black-and-white portrait is part of the show that runs until March 30, Bailey isn’t getting down with the kids and creating new work on digital devices. Hockney has been painting and drawing on his iPhone for a decade, and showed many of his iPad paintings at London’s Royal Academy in 2012.
Bailey, instead, is sticking with his trusted camera, shooting the East London borough of Barking and Dagenham, one of the poorest areas of the city, in a project that recalls “NW1,” his book on the north London neighborhoods of Primrose Hill and Camden before they were gentrified.
“I use the Leica for street photography — with all the color filters taken out — so it’s just in black-and-white. I’m not shooting portraits — just life going on. But I don’t make rules — I might switch to a bigger camera, but I’m definitely not using a phone,” Bailey said during an interview

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