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Lost Toy Elephant Given Bath And Blow Dry By Stranger – But Still Needs To Find Its Owner

By Victoria Richards

A man who found a lost toy in Vauxhall has gone the extra mile to reunite it with its owners.

Imran Ahmed, who lives in London, found the baby elephant on the road and took it home to take care of it.

And in a move that will make you go all gooey at the edges, he gave the soft toy the full pampering treatment – including a bath and ‘a very gentle blow dry’ – to make sure it was clean again before taking a photo and posting it on Twitter.

Pls RT: Elephant found on Black Prince Rd in Vauxhall. If he is part of your family, get in touch. He’s had a bath and a very gentle blow dry and I’m sure I can find some peanuts somewhere. (I’m getting worryingly soppy in old age). pic.twitter.com/WxkScnftfg

— Imran Ahmed (@Imi_Ahmed) February 12, 2019

The post has been shared more than a thousand times, and people are truly touched.

Some said it had “made their day”, while others thanked Imran for being “a lovely man” and for doing something “cute”.

Awww you gave him a bath. That’s so cute ❤️

— Rachel Doyle 🐝 (@Rachel_Doyle72) February 13, 2019

Others shared their own tales of lost toy woe, including one mother who posted a reply showing what happened when her little girl lost her favourite toy – and the extra lengths the toy-makers went to, to make her smile again.

This is lovely. We lost the teddy-love of my daughter’s life when she was tiny. He was a bright pink teddy called @Mystahpink from .@FromPaperchase. When we couldn’t find him my daughter was so distraught that the guys at Paperchase had a new one made especially for her. pic.twitter.com/KoXbuBqjSc

— Natalie Persoglio (@natpersoglio) February 13, 2019

Some took the point Imran made in his original tweet about feeding the toy peanuts, questioned the veracity of elephant diets – and other Twitter users ran with it.

I have done some research (remembering) and can confirm with the following visual evidence that elephants totally eat peanuts, of course. pic.twitter.com/JYDGV2J5rf

— Alison Winter 🐧 (@ofdiscontent) February 13, 2019

More evidence from a hugely reliable source. pic.twitter.com/wfXrlX3uXG

— Alison Winter 🐧 (@ofdiscontent) February 13, 2019

Imran admitted he shouldn’t have assumed the toy’s gender. He even apologised.

It’s a pleasure having him in the house. If he is a him. She could be a her. I’m not an expert on elephant dimorphism sadly…

— Imran Ahmed (@Imi_Ahmed) February 13, 2019

And he followed his original post up by saying that he hoped to try and find its owners in time for Valentine’s Day.

We are both so grateful for your kind retweets. 150,000 people have seen this already in just one day! Wouldn’t it be just lovely if we could have him home tomorrow for Valentine’s Day with his family…

— Imran Ahmed (@Imi_Ahmed) February 13, 2019

So if the elephant is yours, don’t worry – it’s being well looked after.

Via:: https://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/this-toy-elephant-is-just-trying-to-get-home-with-the-help-of-twitter_uk_5c6534cee4b0233af971afac