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Disco Fever With Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra and More

After a relatively quiet week in the front rows, Michael Kors brought out an A-list lineup Wednesday morning at 55 Wall Street. Kate Hudson, Kerry Washington, Priyanka Chopra, Regina King, Olivia Wilde, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and more came out for the designer’s Studio 54-inspired collection.
Hudson was the first to take her seat and was promptly swarmed with selfies.
“OK, OK, OK!” she said as yet another woman came up to her and planted an iPhone in her face. Note to fans: Ask! Just ask!
Having settled in, Hudson reflected on her relationship with Kors.
“A long time now,” she said of how long they’ve known each other. “It was years ago [we met] — it must’ve been when I was 22, 23 or something. It was an event, a party kind of thing.”
John Idol, chief executive officer of Kors parent Capri Holdings, then walked up and greeted her. “Where are we flying to?” he asked her.
“Anywhere, you tell me,” she told him back.
The two switched to talking about Hudson’s growing family (she gave birth to her third child, a girl, in October).
“It’s crazy. But she’s precious. Everyone is just madly in love,” she told him, adding that her parents were off on

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