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The End of the ‘It’ Bag Era

The Saddle Bag. The Paddington. The Baguette. Iconic styles with indelible names that emerged from the ‘It’ bag era of the late Nineties and early Aughts. But in the decades since, e-commerce, social media, price transparency, the resale market and shifting status symbols have left the phenomenon in an irrevocably changed state.
The end of the ‘It’ bag tradition demonstrates how a new era of consumer culture has taken hold of the industry. The market is flooded with more choices and points of sale than ever, all aimed at an ever-discerning consumer base — making the bag market a highly competitive category with little wiggle room for dominant success.
In the ‘It’ bag’s heyday, one particular design would reign — a ‘look at me’ status symbol proudly hanging over the backs of chairs at trendy restaurants and prominently featured in celebrity tabloids. This is no longer the case, with the market now reflecting a broad price and style spectrum, and a consumer eager to find a unique design that suits her needs and individual taste. According to Barneys New York fashion director Marina Larroudé, the industry “is not like in fashion 15 years ago, when it was about the Fendi Baguette and

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