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Maison Margiela Artisanal Spring 2019 Couture

Decadence — a word tingling with intrigue, and the new object of John Galliano’s fascination for his Maison Marginal Artisanal collection.
The designer spent the past four couture seasons defining “a New Glamour,” the results of which are the “blood coursing through the veins of the Maison Margiela,” he notes in the latest installment of the podcast, created to provide context to his collections. Now, he’s ready to move on.
The collection Galliano showed on Monday was all about decadence, which he equates with excess, and what’s more excessive today than the insatiable thirst for technology, especially among Gen Z types? “The overstimulation of computer-generated imagery alters reality and degenerates the truth. Chaotic and unsettling, it is a confusion of the senses rooted in an over-satiation that inevitably overspills,” his program read. He thus wondered if now is the time for a counter movement, one from frenzy to something resembling restraint.
The show space at Margiela headquarters fueled overstimulation, covered in a wild, aggressive graffiti motif made all the more dizzying by the mirrored floor. The only image to emerge with clarity from the visual dissonance was that of a poodle in a color Galliano loves — vibrant Yves Klein blue.

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