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Vagisil Parent Acquires “Vagina-friendly” Business, Sustain Natural

In 2017, Keech Combe Shetty, chief executive officer of Vagisil, told WWD that she was “bullish about vaginas.”
Now — with a majority investment in Sustain Natural, a five-year-old brand that focuses on natural and sustainable tampons, condoms and other sexual health products — she’s acted on it.
“That still holds true,” Shetty said, of her previous comment. Combe, the parent company of Vagisil that was started by Shetty’s relatives, took a majority position in Sustain.

Sustain makes a line of better-for-you sexual health and period products.
Courtesy of Sustain Natural

The two brands will continue to operate separately, but Sustain will have access to Combe’s research and development capabilities, and both Shetty and Sustain founder and ceo Meika Hollender will work to push the conversation boundaries around women’s sexual health. Terms of the deal were not disclosed, but Sustain is said to be growing quickly, and posted a 300 percent sales increase for 2018.
“With the evolution of the Me Too movement and Time’s Up, there’s been an opportunity to talk about issues and topics that have historically been taboo and closeted, and what we’re hoping to do is have that halo into women’s intimate health, vaginal health, and sexual wellness for women,” Shetty said.
Both businesses

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