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From Reality TV Stars to Influencers: How ‘The Bachelor’ Contestants Sell Products

“The Bachelor” doesn’t just create love stories.
After 17 years and four spin-offs, the ABC franchise has spearheaded a new class of social media influencers — the former contestants.
The original show, which is in season 23 featuring former NFL player Colton Underwood, and averaged 6.3 million viewers in its last season, according to Nielsen data, has helped launch the influencer careers of many fan favorites. Those former contestants have leveraged their screen time to carve out a niche for themselves in the influencer space, proving they, too, can sell products just as effectively as the influencers coming from blog or YouTube backgrounds.
Data shows that these former contestants, many of whom have Instagram followings that exceed one million, have as much reach and impact with their paid partnerships on social media as other established influencers.
“It’s surprising looking at the data because when you think about reality TV stars, especially from ‘The Bachelor’ franchise, you wouldn’t necessarily think they have such influence, but their engagement rates are better than some celebrities and fashion influencers,” said Alison Levy Bringé, chief marketing officer at Launchmetrics, a marketing platform and data analytics company. “The data shows these people are somewhere in the middle of an influencer

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