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Paris Couture Soldiers On Through Gilets Jaunes Unrest

PARIS — “Fluctuat nec mergitur”: The Latin motto of the city of Paris, which translates as “Beaten by the waves, but does not founder,” once again feels timely after being used as a rallying cry following the 2015 terrorist attacks.
The Paris haute couture shows kick off on Monday after more than two months of violent demonstrations by gilets jaunes antigovernment protesters that have left the French capital bloodied and bruised, with many businesses struggling to survive after being vandalized and watching their holiday sales evaporate.
Roadblocks and late deliveries have become par for the course for luxury brands, many of which were forced to close their boutiques in the run-up to Christmas to protect their staffs and customers. Some couture houses feared guest cancellations as a result of the chaos, though so far attendance appears to be on track.
To compound matters, on Jan. 12, another day of citywide protests, a massive gas explosion in a city center bakery killed four people and injured 50. The force of the blast blew in the windows of Montex, the Chanel-owned embroidery workshop, where 70 people were rushing to complete orders for couture houses.
“They had to drop everything and evacuate the workshop. Fortunately, there were only

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