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Net-a-porter Enhances Personal Shopping Services

LONDON — High-spending clients can account for up to 40 percent of a luxury fashion business’ total sales, so retailers are going the extra mile to keep them entertained — and coming back for more.
Net-a-porter and Mr Porter, which call its top-spending customers EIPs, extremely important people, have always had an attitude of “the sky is the limit” when it comes to servicing this clientele, providing anything from front row show tickets to couture pieces, first dibs on hot-ticket items or fine jewelry pre-ordered through WhatsApp conversations.
Convenience is another key ingredient in the luxury experience that Net and Mr Porter want to provide, which is why they are enhancing their EIP services with a new series of off-line experiences in the form of at-home shopping consultations.
As part of the service known as Style Trial, customers will be offered a seven-day trial period to order pieces online and try at home. They can order up to 30 pieces, which they or their personal shoppers have chosen, across all of Net’s categories. Payment will be automatically taken for the items they wish to keep at the end of the trial, while the rest will be returned.
The aim is to offer these customers

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