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Greenland's Ice Is Melting Four Times Faster Than In 2003 – And There's No Turning Back

By Natasha Hinde

Greenland’s ice is melting much faster than scientists previously thought – and it’s likely to lead to a faster sea level rise, according to a damning new study.

The country’s southeast and northwest regions, where large glaciers send chunks of ice into the Atlantic ocean, were previously the main concern for researchers.

However, a new study revealed that the largest sustained ice loss from early 2003 to mid-2013 came from Greenland’s southwest region, which is mostly devoid of large glaciers.

“We knew we had one big problem with increasing rates of ice discharge by some large outlet glaciers,” said Michael Bevis, lead author of the study and a professor at Ohio State University. “But now we recognise a second serious problem: increasingly, large amounts of ice mass are going to leave as meltwater, as rivers that flow into the sea.”

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