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Dior Couture Spring 2019

Five years before Richard Avedon photographed “Dovima With Elephants” at the Cirque d’Hiver, British television covered a Dior show at the Savoy Hotel in London under the title, “Dior ‘Circus’ Comes to Town.”
Maria Grazia Chiuri has long known all about the former. But the latter, not so much, until she started researching in advance of the Feb. 2 opening of “Christian Dior: Designer of Dreams” at the Victoria & Albert Museum. The 1955 TV headline got her creative wheels turning, and soon Chiuri had uncovered less famous photos of Dior-bedecked models in circus situations, and connected dots between the designer and various mid-century artists who either worked in or were inspired by the circus. Along the way, she happened upon a sentence that intrigued: “Is it a man or a woman? It is neither one nor the other. It’s a clown.”
The clown, Chiuri reasoned, is one of many characters in a circus parade. “Each in some way represents a different attitude — the person that is brave, the person that is fun,” she said during a preview. “The dress represents the character. The circus is round, like a little world.” She put all of those thoughts together and, welcome to Circus

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