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Tre by Natalie Ratabesi Pre-Fall 2019

In a recent interview with WWD, designer Natalie Ratabesi mentioned, “There’s something I want to do for next season. Tre has always been a mix of street and chic — I hate that word — but there was something in Paris this season…there was a new energy, an elegance or a need for something a little cleaner, maybe a need to suffer a little sometimes in your heels.”
Alas, pre-fall (the designer’s first for her impressive almost one-year-old company) brought about a more tailored aspect to her latest collection. Hip-baring bodysuits — killer in all-denim, synthetic black leather and poly vinyl — that could be excellently paired with, well, everything. “I designed the collection all around what I wanna wear with a bodysuit,” Ratabesi quipped. Her abundant bottom-half offerings included stellar high-waisted trousers, multicolored army pants, a liner ankle-length skirt and of course, jeans.
Hooded trenchcoats, blazers with wrap-able belts (that could be worn on the inside or outside of the garments) and super chic jumpsuits took the place of previous seasons’ sweatshirts and “street-style” garb. For pre-fall, she wanted the Tre girl to look a little more grown-up or be on said vacation to Paris; her look-book model was even given

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Via:: https://wwd.com/runway/2019-pre-fall/new-york/tre-by-natalie-ratabesi/review/