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Cerruti 1881 Men’s Fall 2019

Jason Basmajian stuck to urban territory for fall, familiar landscape for the label as he continues to fashion it as a modern and upscale option. His uses the term “elevated sportswear.”
“The cross-pollination between sportswear and tailoring has always been a very natural DNA to the house — I think we keep refining and detailing it down,” he said, speaking backstage before the show.
Down the runway, he sent a handsome, belted suit jacket in pinstripes, fetched from the archives and refined for a contemporary audience. In a sign he’s reaching to meet a lasting fixation with outerwear, the options multiplied as the show advanced: trenches, an exquisitely tailored windbreaker, a structured puffer coat for women and the finest leather jackets — one eye-catching bomber had a gathered leather waist and panels of silky fabric. Accessories held their ground, expanding even, to include a tablet bag and a camera bag.
“It’s quite deceptively simple in a lot of ways,” Basmajian said, noting the workmanship and choice of fabrics behind the lineup, which in addition to the puffer offered more pieces for women.
Sabina Sciubba of the electronic dance group Brazilian Girls animated the show with a performance, singing in three languages.
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