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Amiri Men’s Fall 2019

Mike Amiri headed for the great outdoors for fall, bringing elements of nature into his coed collection. Layers of well-tailored chunky wool coats and cardigans and shearling jackets in natural shades like cream, khaki and camel entered the lineup, worn with thick socks and trailing scarves, providing a strong evolution on Amiri’s urban rock aesthetics of the opening looks in embellished black leather and satin.
Beaded guitar-strap details adorned tailored wool coats in both registers, while jack leads trailed in the guise of belts, references to the urban adventurer’s need to unplug from time to time, Amiri said backstage before the show.
Among his accessories, the fun guitar-case-shaped bags and quirky over-the-shoulder holster pouches also warrant a mention.

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