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Vivobarefoot’s Co-Founder Explains Why the Brand Is Making Shoes Out of Algae

Vivobarefoot is out to be a leader in the eco-friendly footwear marketplace. And its co-founder, Asher Clark, explained to FN how his brand intends to do it. Here’s what the exec had to say.
For spring ’19, your brand introduced Vivo Bio. What is it?
“Vivo Bio is [a series of] shoes made from plant-based polymers. We mainly use algae and yellow field corn, and we do that with a company called Bloom and Dupont. They’re made with materials that are between 40 and 50 percent plant-based. The rest are petrochemical, the same way shoes today are made. We want to push that bio content as close to 100 percent as we can.”
How much will Vivobarefoot rely on this line?
“That’s a good question we can’t answer until we can properly quantify the sustainable impact through the whole supply chain. But there’s still a place for recycled plastic in certain areas, and there’s a place for products made with beautiful natural materials like leather and wools. Until it’s properly quantified down to the nth degree, these buckets of materials are going to be narratives in our collection.”

Vivobarefoot Primus Bio

CREDIT: Vivobarefoot

How effective is the outdoor market at selling sustainability?
“It’s a hot topic at the moment,

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