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They Are…Teetotaling in Paris

PARIS — Call it the effects of Dry January, but Parisian Millenials are having serious second thoughts about hitting the bottle.
“Drinking is still fun, but I’ve decided to limit my alcohol intake to weekends only,” said Mathilde, a 27-year-old community manager. “I realized that I was drinking nearly every day and that I had put on weight. I needed to take care of my body.”
She shared her thoughts with her friend group and realized she wasn’t the only one wanting a break from alcohol. “I had stopped drinking for a while for medical reasons, and realized that my body felt a lot better,” said her friend Laurine, 28, who works in theater. “So we decided that for our weekly meet-ups, instead of a couple of bottles of wine, we would all bring food and Sanpellegrino.”
For Thierry Daniel, who created the Paris Cocktail Week, an annual mixology celebration hitting the French capital from Jan. 18 to 26, the rise of teetotalism amongst Millennials is due to a society shift toward wellness.
“People are paying more attention to what is going on with their bodies,” said Daniel, who adds that in the U.K. one-in-four 16- to 24-year-olds is a teetotaler and that the

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