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Proactiv Speaks Out About Kendall Jenner Backlash

Proactiv is standing behind Kendall Jenner.
Speaking out for the first time since the backlash from Jenner’s endorsement of the line erupted, the acne-treatment brand is defending its new face, saying that she does indeed use Proactiv, and that they are trying to drive a conversation around skin positivity.
“Acne has a terrible impact on your self-esteem; it has a direct link to increases in depression and is a topic that shouldn’t be shamed,” said Marc Kravets, general manager of Proactiv. “It should be an open conversation about getting your skin healthy. Some of that backlash we saw is exactly what we need to address this, and Kendall’s the perfect person to drive that relationship.”
The Kendall-Proactiv deal — teased first by Kris Jenner on Instagram, and later unveiled during the Golden Globes earlier in January — has been a controversial one. After the commercial aired, people seemed to deep-dive into Jenner’s skin-care routine online, surfacing widely reported information that Christie Kidd, a Beverly Hills-based physician assistant, was the one taking care of Jenner’s complexion.
The social-media-wielding public also took umbrage at Kris Jenner’s teaser post, in which she said she was proud of Kendall for sharing her “most raw story in order

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