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Bridget Foley’s Diary: Gillette’s Woke Stroke

Is this the best an ad can get? If the goal is to put a mature, high-function, low-sizzle brand front and center of the culturally relevant news cycle on a given day, the answer seems a boisterous yes.
Earlier this week, Gillette pulled out all the stops for its foray into woke marketing, releasing the #MeToo-inspired video that applies a variation of its 30-year old tagline, “The best a man can get” to counter the devastating and more insidious manifestations and fallout from “toxic masculinity.”
Various video snippets show human and cartoon sleazebags ogling women, and a case of corporate mansplaining. But the examples of toxicity don’t focus solely on the treatment of women. The video cuts to scenes of kids bullying other kids and of two little boys wrestling through a disagreement, all under the guise “boys will be boys.” These run in contrast to examples of men behaving admirably, with the voiceover, “Some men are already doing this.”
Controversial? You bet — in the most calculated way. The top brass of Gillette and its parent company P&G, along with Grey Advertising, surely knew exactly what they were doing. They had to have predicted that reaction would erupt vociferously between two all-or-nothing

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