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Expert Opinion: The Future of AI in Beauty

Richard Boyd

Last week’s CES showcased the importance of technology and beauty, especially regarding the role AI will play in future products. AI moved to the front burner at the show in the forms of everything from smart makeup mirrors to apps allowing users to learn what beauty products someone is wearing in a photo.
Furthermore, this week’s National Retail Federation Big Show cemented the fact that AI is lending a personalization factor to retailing.
The ideas are flowing, but much is still to be learned about AI and how to use it. The industry is on a mission to understand what AI modes are impactful versus just a cool factor. Here author, cofounder and chief executive officer of Tanjo Inc. Richard Boyd gives his view on how AI is disrupting the beauty industry. Tanjo is an artificial intelligence and machine-learning company.
WWD: How is AI disrupting the beauty industry? How can brands and retailers benefit?
Richard Boyd: Billions of dollars a year are spent on beauty marketing include advertising, market research and influencer marketing. These tactics have created a degree of success, and are somewhat effective, but they are also costly and time-consuming. In a highly competitive marketplace, brands will do just about anything to find

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