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Catherine Deneuve Auctions Her Saint Laurent Wardrobe

LONDON — It was the sale of her countryside château in Normandy that prompted Catherine Deneuve to let go of her Saint Laurent wardrobe — a varied collection filled with treasures from the Sixties up to the early 2000s and telling the story of a 40-year-old friendship with the late Yves Saint Laurent.
“It’s this big country house with a beautiful garden, because Catherine loves flowers and gardening. She was upset to be selling it, but it got a little too heavy for her, so she had to make the decision to let it go and sell her Saint Laurent wardrobe with it,” said Francois de Ricqlès, president at Christie’s Paris and a friend of Deneuve’s.
De Ricqlès described the château’s vast attic to be filled with the French movie star’s archival Saint Laurent pieces. “She is above a certain age and she found that it would be more joyful to use this time, rather than a sale after death, so she decided to do it herself.”
It’s a big moment for Christie’s, too, which rarely organizes fashion auctions anymore unless there is a certain element of rarity in a collection.

Yves Saint Laurent and Catherine Deneuve
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“We would only organize fashion sales if

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