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What He’s Packing: How Bloomingdale’s Justin Berkowitz Prepares for European Fashion Weeks

When it comes to packing for the onslaught of fashion weeks in Europe, Justin Berkowitz is no rookie.
As director of men’s fashion at Bloomingdale’s, Berkowitz regularly navigates the circuits between London, Milan and Paris, adapting to the changing climates, terrains and style aesthetics in each fashion capital — so it’s no surprise he has a few secrets to getting his packing game down to a T.

Here, FN learns his travel essentials.
What are your go-to travel shoes? Why?
“I tend to wear my heaviest pair of shoes — usually boots — to save space in my baggage, according to the adage of wearing your bulkiest pieces on the plane. In the winter, that’s often an old pair of Tricker’s black leather lace-up boots, and in the summer, a pair of desert boots.”
What and how many shoes are you packing? Which brands?
“Normally, I would pack three or four variations on a theme, typically versions of white sneakers. This trip, I’m trying to switch it up a little bit and am packing shoes that feel aesthetically very different. I will be gone just over two weeks, so I’m packing six pairs total: a classic pair of Bordeaux leather derbies from O’Keefe, low Wallabees from

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