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Fila Fjord Fall 2019

Following on Fila’s big-bang hook-up with Fendi, and its first runway show in Milan in September, the debut collection of the brand’s new premium-positioned label with a sustainable bent, Fila Fjord, headed by Copenhagen-based designer Astrid Andersen, played out as a pared down, minimalist spin on suburban normcore, with a deliberate downplaying of logos.
The presentation, held at the Palazzo Borghese, felt subversive, with the clothes placed on plain white mannequins, accentuating the line’s genderless, ageless vibe, and the rich decor — chandeliers included — muffled in recycled plastic. The soundtrack to “Twin Peaks” gently twanged in the background.
Said Elgar Johnson, fashion director of British GQ Style, who also worked on the collection: “Because we were showing streetwear and because of the way people cast now, I think you can be very easily tricked into thinking that’s who should be wearing it, so we wanted to keep it as plain as possible. These clothes are for anyone.”
The main idea, he added, was to explore where streetwear is headed. “Because the market is so saturated with it, everyone’s going to be experimenting with what happens next,” he said.
For Andersen that meant developing clothes that have a direction, “and not just building a

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Via:: https://wwd.com/runway/mens-fall-collections-2019/paris/fila-fjord/review/