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Dr. Dennis Gross Rolls Out Most Powerful Line Yet

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare is adding a new category.
The dermatologist-founded, skin-care brand is launching Clinical Grade, a line of products geared toward individuals who want to take their skin-care regimen to the next level. Combining Dr. Gross’ expertise as both a chemist and practicing dermatologist, Clinical Grade is expected to be the brand’s most powerful line yet. Offerings will roll out throughout the year, starting with the IPL Dark Spot Correcting Serum, $92, out now at Sephora.
“Skin care in general is occupying a larger place in the consumer’s arsenal, much more so than makeup,” said Dennis Gross. “People understand that makeup is covering up the problem, and people seeing their problems are getting worse are finding makeup to be less satisfactory.”
“The Clinical Grade category is definitely a big brand statement as to what we’re looking to accomplish as a brand,” said Carrie Gross, chief executive officer and wife of Dr. Gross. “Dennis has always had a position that all of our products work beautifully together, they don’t throw your skin off balance, they’re gentle. We’re not using the word gentle when it comes to Clinical Grade. We’re using the word powerful. We feel this is the next best thing to

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