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Tiffany & Co. Adds Transparency to Diamonds With New ‘Source Initiative’

Tiffany & Co. is looking to set a new paradigm for the diamond industry.
Today, the jeweler revealed its ‘Diamond Source Initiative’ — a new program to promote transparency in diamond retailing. Beginning today, consumers will be privy to the provenance — that being the region or country of origin — of all newly mined registered diamonds exceeding 0.18 carats. Provenance will be shared at the Tiffany & Co. case line, incorporated into the merchandising of its love and engagement display cases.
In an announcement, Tiffany chief executive officer Alessandro Bogliolo said, “The Diamond Source Initiative is an exciting and revolutionary undertaking that reflects nearly two decades of investments and advancements in our sustainability efforts.”
The executive defined the program as “a big step for diamond transparency.” It will see each diamond engraved with a serial number that is naked to the human eye. Upon purchase, consumers will be presented with a certificate ensuring the diamond’s origins.
“We commit from today onward to only source diamonds of known origin,” Bogliolo added. But provenance is not where Tiffany’s transparency efforts will end. The jeweler has set a 2020 mission to “begin sharing the craftsmanship journey, including the location where our diamonds are cut and polished

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