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Infighting Expands The Feminist Dialogue, That's Why We Need It

By Tania Hardcastle

To many feminists, infighting is seen as a mechanism which divides women and breaks the solidarity which should unite us all: our gender.

But to me, feminist infighting enables cross-cultural debate and allows us to share our different experiences as women. Certain disadvantages can mean our oppressions are multi-faceted and compounded and infighting brings these inequalities to the surface. It therefore lets us critically examine our own privileges and how our personal identification with feminism can silence the voices of women whose oppressions may be completely antithetical to ours. Infighting should be seen as a way of making the feminist discourse more inclusive, recognising that feminism is as much about the politics of difference as it is about unity.

As a British Bengali, I have been subjected to discrimination, directly and indirectly because of my gender and race. Despite these setbacks, I was privileged to have been able to go to university and become a professional. I seek career progression and to be on a level platform to my male peers. This aligns me with the sort of individualism which gives no credence to the struggles of a Rohingyan refugee or a single mum subject to welfare cuts in Britain and would make no material difference to either quality of life.

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