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Millennial Men Need Better Role Models

By Fernando Desouches

A year on from the start of the #MeToo movement, when everything from Brexit to the rise of Trump has been blamed on toxic masculinity, we are currently witnessing a paradigm shift in our understanding of what masculinity really means – and men are struggling.

The rise of female empowerment has been hugely positive, but it has left some men confused about their roles, and social media heaps additional pressures on men to “show success” at all times. Throw in the current political, economical and moral turmoil around the world, a society constantly telling men to ‘stay strong’ and not show their feelings, and it’s no surprise that some men simply don’t know how to ‘be’.

As a result, men are lost, keeping their real emotions buried and living life in a way they think is expected of them rather than how they really want to live. It’s hugely harmful and it’s impacting themselves and the world around them. You only have to look at the fact that
Toxic Masculinity Is Not A Myth Created By Feminists – It’s A Poison For Men

  • We Need To Tackle Toxic Masculinity To Help Men Achieve Happiness
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