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How Kappa Plans on Maintaining Momentum

On Dec. 7, Kappa will hold an event at Miami Art Basel that merges its heritage in soccer with its positioning as a fashion and lifestyle brand.
The Italy-based company, which was founded in 1967, will partner with Miami Soccer Cage to host a charity soccer match that will include former pro players and creative influencers and will culminate in a donation to the YoungArts charity that helps support young artists. The players will wear bespoke Kappa jerseys from the Kappa Kalcio collection, an assortment of premium sportswear that will be available to purchase next year. And a soccer field adjacent to the game will showcase a collection of 15 jerseys from the Kappa archive.
According to Lorenzo Boglione, vice president of sales at Basic Net, the company his father founded that acquired Kappa post-bankruptcy in 1994, this event reminds the U.S. consumer about Kappa’s roots in soccer, which he feels will be integral to sustaining the brand’s popularity.
“We have a very strong momentum right now and we want to express the history of the brand and mix that with a fashion trend,” said Boglione. “It’s important to show the bedrock of the brand and celebrate that in a modern way.”
Kappa had

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