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How Bernardo’s New Creative Director Is Looking to Take the Heritage Brand to the Next Level

The newly appointed creative director of Bernardo, Heather Williams, shares her take on the brand’s design heritage and where she sees the company heading next.
FN: How did you come to join the Bernardo team?
Heather Williams: “I started consulting as a designer in January 2017. Peter Grueterich, [president of brand management firm Peter Marcus Group], had given me the reins and now has let me run with it, starting this past summer. I’m looking at imagery and how we are selling a brand with a big history and telling that story not just through the shoes but through their background.”

Bernardo creative director Heather Williams.

CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

FN: What is your main goal as creative director?
HW: “Expanding beyond and layering onto the core assortment. We are known as a flat-sandal brand, [but] we’ve had success with mid-heels and have a great core bootie. It’s taking these ideas that have worked and creating a year-round lifestyle brand. Plus, some of the core [sandals] are so relevant. The goal is not to isolate the current customer but to get access to a broader customer. The brand has that weight, where [generations] can all find something that they like.”

Bernardo spring ’18.

CREDIT: Courtesy of brand

FN: How

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