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Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: CR Women 2019 Launch Party

The launch for the second annual CR Fashion Book calendar hit a minor snag on Thursday, mere hours before the glam beachside party was set to begin: the calendars in question were lost on the highway somewhere en route to Miami.
“Unfortunately our calendars were on their way to Miami today on the truck, and the guy had a little bit of an issue on the way and the calendars couldn’t make it to the party,” said Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld, inside the tent at the Faena where dinner was about to begin. “So we had to have someone from our office take a flight at 5:00, who is just arriving now in half an hour with 70 calendars in her bag, because we wanted everyone to see it. So that was a little bit of a drama today.”
But what would Miami be without a little drama? That vibe was what the CR team was hoping to tap into, in deciding to launch the calendar in Miami this year instead of New York.
“Miami has a different crowd from New York, than from everywhere, so we thought it would be good,” Roitfeld said.
He was joined by Paris and Nicky Hilton, Hilary Rhoda, Winnie

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