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Art Basel Miami Beach 2018: Brandon Boyd and the Hero’s Journey

When the Surf Lodge asked Brandon Boyd if he was interested in coming to Miami during Art Basel to decorate their pop-up at The Confidante with his artwork, the Los Angeles-based painter-singer wasn’t immediately familiar with the Montauk hot spot.
“I mentioned it to friends and they were like, oh, they’re cool. Do it,” said Boyd.
And so he did. In addition to bringing some of his existing works to town, Boyd created a few new pieces for the exhibition.
“I go into painting and songwriting the same way, where I have almost no intention other than just jump into the deep end, and don’t tread water and just sink,” he said during a celebratory dinner in his honor Thursday night. “It’s a creative process probably not unlike someone else’s; mine feels formless, so the paintings are kind of formless. I go in and just let my hand move and the brush move — it’s spontaneous. All of the things I’ve been attracted to in my life, whether it’s music, painting, surfing, they’re spontaneous and there are no breaks. You adapt to your instincts.”
Boyd referenced the work of sociologist Joseph Campbell, who published a theory of the archetypal hero’s journey as reflected through

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