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How Courier Services Plan to Help the Industry Avoid Holiday Delivery Delays

Delayed packages are an annoyance at the best of times, but during the holidays they can mean the difference between opening a gift on Christmas morning or getting nothing at all. Many footwear retailers and wholesalers hire additional seasonal staff to combat this, however, a new report by LateShipment.com shows that this approach was insufficient at tackling demand in 2017. With over 1.25 billion packages predicted to be handled by UPS and FedEx this holiday season, it has never been more important to streamline delivery.
The areas that are most likely to experience delays include both heavily populated cities, like New York and Los Angeles, and sparsely populated states in the Midwest, according to the LateShipment.com report. Apparel, a popular gifting choice, has the highest observed delay rate: over 20 percent of apparel packages shipped with FedEx were delayed during the 2017 holidays. Causes of delay range from congestion at customs to bad weather. Although UPS and FexEd each hired thousands of temporary employees last year, this created a gap in operational skill and training — that too can cause delays.
Luckily, for the millions of retailers and customers who still need packages delivered, 2018 is shaping up to be different. Although

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