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Versailles Toasts Ralph Lauren

VERSAILLES, France — “I don’t know what the Sun King really feels like. If I knew, maybe I would follow the Sun King,” Ralph Lauren mused as he took in the Galerie des Batailles at the Château de Versailles, where tables dressed in tartan cloth awaited 750 guests attending a gala dinner in his honor on Tuesday night.
“Unbelievable,” he exclaimed, taking in the monumental military-themed paintings lining the 390-foot gallery. “I mean, it’s beyond comprehension because it’s so much art, so much beauty…it’s amazing to be honored here.”
Indeed, the French-American Foundation pulled out all the stops for the event celebrating the 50th anniversary of his brand. Fashion executives, politicians, business leaders, actors and cultural officials joined in a standing ovation for Lauren, whose relationship with France has deep roots.
“I think I was one of the first Americans to come to France,” he told WWD. “They’re very receptive. I think we have a nice communication.”
Lauren is even entertaining the prospect of holding his February ready-to-wear show in Paris instead of New York. “If they ask us to come back, we’ll do it here. I think that kind of crowd would be interesting,” he said. “If we do it, it will be very intimate

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