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The Best Secret Santa Gifts For £10 Or Less – As Chosen By HuffPost

By Louise Whitbread

Need some secret Santa inspiration? Given that it can sometimes feel like forced fun on a tight budget, getting it right is no easy feat.

We’ve picked eight presents that’ll be sure to raise a smile and won’t be put in the bin or sent straight to charity. There’s something for the stationery addict, cat lover, troubled sleeper, new homeowner, and more.

We asked the HuffPost Finds team to tell us what they’d think if they received these gifts in the secret Santa lottery – so you can be sure it will be £10 well spent when it comes to exchanging gifts.

Jot It Down

Ark mini boobs notebook, Liberty, £8

As gifted to: Amy, Lifestyle Writer

I love this! I’m a huge notebook fan so if someone got this for me I would’ve assumed they’d done their research. The boobs are comical yet subtle, and I like the simple design. I’d probably use it for mini lists of things I’ve got to do each day. In short, it’d be ideal for me.

Shake It Off

Sass & Belle cat shaped salt and pepper set, ASOS, £8.50

As gifted to: Tasha, Lifestyle Writer

As a cat lover, person who likes seasoning, and a staunch fan of a snazzy ceramic item, I would be absolutely delighted to receive this salt and pepper set as a secret Santa gift – it beats novelty penis chocolates any day of the week. I think these are quite tasteful pieces, they look like something you’d get in Oliver Bonas as opposed to some cat-themed goods which look like they’ve come out of a Christmas cracker. You can never have too many cat-shaped homeware objects, in my opinion.

Dream A Little Dream

This Works dream team, Look Fantastic, £10

As gifted to: Louise, Lifestyle Writer

As someone who regularly stays up too late scrolling through Instagram and then spends the following day complaining about how tired I am, I’m all for these two travel-friendly minis that promise to help me sleep better. I’ve tried the pillow spray before and am a huge fan. The lavender scent is so relaxing and despite my initial cynicism, I fell straight asleep and woke up considerably less groggy than usual, so I’d be very pleased to receive this.

Pot A Plant

Barry The Cactus Potted Plant, Barry The Cactus, £10

As gifted to: Vicky, Executive Lifestyle Editor

An excellent secret Santa gift – so long as you don’t spear your hand unwrapping it. Everybody could benefit from some more plants at work, so I’d be keeping mine in the office (light levels permitting) rather than taking it home – but it would work just fine in my living space with its neat geometric pot and cute size. Really this is SO MUCH BETTER than lots of the ‘hilarious’ secret Santa tat you’re meant to give, and pretty failsafe for people you don’t really know, too.

Cool Down

Cooling Gel Eye Mask, The Body Shop, £6

As gifted to: Vicky, Executive Lifestyle Editor

I’m not sure about this to be honest – it’s not the kind of thing I’d tend to use, and I think if it was I’d probably already have one. It’s not offensive or tasteless however, so that’s very much in its favour. Unless of course the gift-er is trying to tell me I look knackered and have terrible eye bags. Which on reflection…

Measure In Style

Four-piece metal gold measuring set, H&M, £6.99

As gifted to: Nancy, Life Editor

This is a savvy gift from someone who knows that H&M do great homeware. I love the burnished steel (someone got the memo that copper kitchenware is out). The only issue: I’m a stone cold “can’t cook, won’t cook” type. So, either my secret Santa doesn’t really know me or they’re making a not-so subtle dig at my woeful domesticity. It doesn’t matter, I guess – I’ll hang these up and pretend that I bake, while continuing to live off Christmas crisps from Co-Op.

Lip Service

Le Labo Lip Balm, Mr Porter, £10

As gifted to: Matt, Executive Entertainment Editor

I’ve always got a pot or tube of lip balm on me and favour Carmex over any other brand. That said, it can be a bit drying because it’s petroleum-based, so this is a great alternative as it’s plant-based, petroleum-free and unscented (very important). At a tenner I might not ordinarily buy it (plus Boots don’t stock it), so this little tube of luxury is the perfect secret Santa gift.

Holding All The Cards

Velvet Card Holder, Oliver Bonas, £10

As gifted to: Sophie, Lifestyle Writer

Anything from Oliver Bonas is a winner in my books. You know that just stepping into that place is going to cost you at least £20 so this person was clearly committed to the cause. Inevitably everyone is going to lose their purse/wallet at some point over the Christmas period (you don’t do that many pub drinks without some collateral damage) so I’d look forward to whipping this out for a fresh start in January.

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